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Colour Is My Magic Power!

Amy Bond Glass is modern, colourful and joyful.

Colour is for everyone, embrace it and it will make you happier!  Amy's designs highlight the inherent beauty of her materials.  Her jewellery is intended to be touched, stroked and held as you wear, glass warms to your body and subtle details invite you to play. 

In Amy’s private Toronto studio she plays with fire and colour.  Working in traditional methods, with a non-conformist approach to jewellery design, Amy’s greatest inspiration is her unabashed love of colour.  Bold colours & shapes and an irreverent sense of humour are showcased with detailed craftsmanship honed through decades of experience.

It's All In The Details

Amy Bond Glass pieces are small works of art, made one by one, forever handmade, never identical, always with soul.   Produced in limited editions, pieces are made using time honoured materials.  Strokes of colour tell the story of how an object was made, forms honour and reflect the beauty of our world and our experience.

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In Process

In Process

Amy is melting in some surface details she's added using stringer. This bead is from the Gaudy Logic Series.

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