M O D E R N.  C O L O U R.  J O Y.

Jewellery to behold, to be held, to be bold.

Everyday is extraordinary, be bright, live colourfully & enjoy the journey.  Embrace your individuality with our exquisitely handcrafted jewellery collection.

Striking layers of lush coloured glass are not only beautiful but beg to be stroked and caressed - sensual, minimal forms, detailed textures and rich patterns. Play with your jewelry!

Amy Bond Glass pieces are small works of art, made one by one, forever handmade, never identical, always with soul.  Jewelry that is worn to a new beat and provokes conversation.  Produced in limited editions, made with love and exceptional skill in Toronto by Master Flameworker, Amy Bond and her team of local experts.  

[ Don’t ] Stop touching your jewelry.


M A T E R I A L S  a n d  P R O C E S S

Each piece in our collection is made locally.  We employ traditional goldsmithing and flamewworking techniques using time honoured materials with a non-conformist approach to jewellery design.  Strokes of colour tell the story of how an object was made, forms honour and reflect the beauty of our world and our experience.

Our Jewellery is thoughtfully made using high quality raw materials.  Amy produces each and every glass piece herself using Italian and American made glass rods.  Glass pieces mingle with gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel, constructed by hand, never plated. Occasionally we enjoy incorporating naturally coloured gemstones and wood beads.

The entire collection is meticulously made in Toronto.  This is important and we are proud to be a company supporting our local economy and skilled craftspeople.  When we work together we can build something great. 

Watch Amy Make A Bird Bead


W E A R  I T  E V E R Y D A Y

Amy Bond Jewellery is made to wear!  We want you to love it and enjoy it by donning it often.  Don’t save your favourite jewellery piece, we believe everyday is extraordinary.  No excuses, embrace the simple pleasures of life: the colours, the humour and the beauty everyday.

Enjoy the journey!

Our pieces are durable; we use solid metal and make our own findings.  Glass is surprisingly strong.  If you use common sense and take good care, our pieces are constructed to last a lifetime.  We get it though, occasionally accidents happen.  We are happy to offer free or minimal charge repairs on all our work to keep you looking fabulous!


x. Amy