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 Ruby BoobieRuby and I on the TTC

I love having two kids, it amps it up a notch that’s for sure!  Watching them interact, seeing the love they have in their own way for each other, really does melt your little heart.  Everyday is different, exciting and exhausting.  Ruby will be one next week!  Were did the last year go?  She’s a lovely, wonderfully smiley baby who is also waaaaay more attached than Baxter was.  She’s peachy so long as she's within arms reach or hanging in the baby carrier.  Actually Ruby’s getting a little better now that she’s mobile.  It’s flattering being so ‘adored’ as Trevor says but getting through this first year of craziness with two kids and deciding to give up my beloved business TANK *, feels like cause to celebrate.

I haven't made a bead since Ruby was born, this is the longest ever since I first lit a torch in high school.  I’m okay with it, though I’m feeling a little desperate to melt some glass at this point!  I do miss it a lot.  I always intended to take a year off after Ruby was born to be home ‘full time’ but I hoped I’d be able to play on my torch here and there.  Wishful thinking apparently.  I think I can say without feeling guilty that I’m overdue for some ‘me’ time even, if it means bringing Ruby along…

So, I booked a ticket to Houston for the annual International Society of Glass Beadmakers Conference.  Woohoo.  ISGB here we come!  It’s been a long while since I’ve been to a Gathering and I couldn’t be more excited to nerd out with other bead and glass makers.  Ruby is still ‘on the boob’ a lot so it looks like we’ll be taking our first mother daughter trip together to a bead conference, YAY!  I can’t wait to be emerged in all things glass and beads for a few days and visit with friends I haven’t seen in ages.  My friend Stephanie Sersich is giving a presentation which I am thrilled to be able to hear in person.  I’m also really looking forward to hearing Sage Holland, Amanda Muddimer, Patty Lakinsmith, Lisa St. Martin and Nancy Tobey present… not to mention all the other artists they have lined up.  I’m ready to sit back, or pace with a baby strapped to me and take it all in!

Child Bearing Hips Pin, Collab with Cynthia Archer circa 2005...  I have a greater/new appreciation for this piece now, I wish I still had one as a keepsake.

* TANK Jewelry & Beads is still in full swing and looking better than ever with new renovations showcasing great work from a bunch of local artists.  My partner Jill continues to carrying on the TANK story.  Yay!

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July 10, 2014

Can’t wait to se you – and meet Ruby!!!

Sue Sharp
Sue Sharp

July 09, 2014

Enjoy the show Amy!

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