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This past weekend we met with some Sheridan friends for a 'reunion' in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region and it was wonderful to catch up. Mostly we see each other at weddings, baby showers or trade shows but this time was extra special getting to see all our kids play together. It was surreal seeing our children running around in the back yard, jumping in the bouncy castle and watching the babies be passed around. I can hardly believe it's been 13 years since we graduated. It's amazing to see how we've all changed and grown since school. I hope we can make this a more regular get together.  We missed everyone who couldn't make it... next time!  Thanks to Will and Bethany for being great hosts.

Amy and Kate with Anna

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03 July, 2014


Hey Courtney. Thanks! I know it would have been great for you to be there:) next time. We gotta try to meet up more often.

30 June, 2014


That pic of you & Kate is precious Amy!!!!! Oh & Anna too, can’t forget her xo
Wish I could have made the trip

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