Welcome To The New Website!

Thanks so much for visiting.  I'm thrilled to be able to share my new look & website with you.  This is where you can  stay in touch with the latest news about classes and new work.  I am now working independently from TANK Jewelry & Beads, you can still find my work there along with other great local artists.

After a decade at The Distillery District with Jill at TANK Jewelry and Beads, I’ve decided, like so much in my life, it’s time for a new beginning.  I'm trying to find that elusive balance between family and creativity, life and art.  Part of this means working from a new home studio.

My husband Trevor and I now have two children, Baxter, 3 years and Ruby, 10 months.  Things change, life shifts quickly. It’s hard to describe how special it is to watch Baxter and Ruby grow everyday.  I feel so lucky!  They are incredible.  I am blessed to have the support of Trevor and my business partner Jill, in my decision 'not to return' to TANK Jewelry & Beads after my maternity leave. 

I’ll be creating one-of-a-kind and limited run series from my new home studio.  I will be accepting students for one-on-one classes starting in the fall.  I hope to re-connect as an instructor internationally and very soon there will be an online shop here too!

Oh and we're moving... Trevor and I couldn't be more excited to be moving to an area that's a little more kid friendly for Baxter and Ruby to grow up in.  It's still close by though, as we LOVE our Leslieville neighbourhood so much.  We'll be moving this summer and I hope to have my studio up and running by end of Aug.  Can't wait!


Amy Bond




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April 03, 2015

Laurie,Your jewelery is slrcptuue to my eye. I’d love to see them In 6 lengths and arranged in elegant, beautifully illuminated rooms!I hope you are hugely successful.Oh, and this is a great web site, too.

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